Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The yellow brick road to cupcakeland

I’m so grateful to be living in the age of cupcakes… have you noticed cupcake shops popping up around Sydney overnight? Pay you a dollar if you can walk through the city and not stumble across at least one!

Cupcakes were a natural next step in my cake-ing venture. They’re almost a force on their own I couldn’t resist or steer away from no matter how much I tried. I admit I didn’t actually try, I fell straight into the cupcake trap *heeeelp*!

For a special occasion, cupcakes can complement the main cake or be the cake on their own. Yes, these days, cupcake towers are quite popular and have worked their way up the cake status ranks to sometimes even claim the coveted spot of centrepiece of a party. No need for messy cutting up, they’re individual little cakes every guest can have on their own - no sharing!

I love working with a theme or just scavenging around the house for anything and everything to add on top… fondant shapes, lollies, M&Ms, jelly beans, chocolate flakes, chocolate bars, anything your mind can create. There’s almost no way you can go wrong!

Pay you another dollar if you dare say no to a cupcake! (and will book you into a mental facility a.s.a.p.)

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