Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bottle it up

A replica of the wine of choice for the birthday boy. Fruitcake made up the inside, which is denser than any other flavour and much more reliable when a standing shape is required. The label was printed on edible paper. I was told later on that some point during the night, someone nearly reached for this 'bottle' to pour a glass of wine... job done!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lil pink birthday

Let's carry on the pinkness today... here's a lil pink thing all dressed up for a party. The unusual theme of this joint birthday was that it was a first birthday for a lil miss girl turning one and a last birthday for a lil miss lady getting married before her next birthday. Hence 'the first and last lil miss birthdays'!

Pretty in pink

One of my closest friends turned 30 and I had the great pleasure of cakeing her wish for a pink cake. No work, all play for me! The dress on the birthday girl figurine is modelled on the exact dress the birthday girl wore (thanks to the girls who went shopping with her for her outfit and fed me the details!).
The toughest aspect of carrying out this cake was actually carrying it (in heels) from the car to the boat, then onto the boat for the birthday celebration. One couple stopped me to take a photo of it en route to the boat... sweet of them but not so sweet on my arms!

Au naturale

Fondant is my medium of choice but on occasion, and only in the cooler months, I'm happy to use butter cream if it serves the design better. It gives an unpolished textured finish which is a lovely backdrop for some bright coloured flowers for an overall rustic natural l0ok. Scattered petals extend the theme of the naturally blossoming flowers.

A good sport for a cake

Here are two similar designs for two different sports, one for a 30th and the other for a 1st. Boys will always be boys!
If I'd known I'd be doing so many half-ball designs I might have invested in a half-sphere cake tin. On the flip side, they are getting easier and easier to carve. Necessity is the mother of new skills!