Friday, January 27, 2012

A royal occasion

While most wedding cakes use pastel colours, this couple selected royal blue as their main colour. Against a backdrop of white, such a bold shade of blue really defines the angles and shapes of the cake, especially on a square design. Complemented by shiny pearls and pretty lillies, it's a balanced and elegant combination... even a little royal (think Kate Middleton's engagement dress)! And of course the personal touch on top... This couple were toying with dressing their figurines in casual Oriental wear significant to a particular aspect of their lives, but for this occasion they were bride and groom, so their figurines were too.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter L

In contrast to the small building blocks in the previous post, here is one giant one, and seven tiny ones! L is for Lachlan, little man and lots of cake!

Building blocks of cake

Building blocks, the staple of any kid's toybox, becomes cake for this 2nd birthday. A great idea when catering for several flavours, one of which needed to be gluten-free. Having that flavour as a separate block ensures it doesn't come into contact with the other flavours. It even sat on a board of its own, to be safe! A fun colour-themed cake, complete with little figurines to make it personal for the birthday boy.

A li'l touch of lilac

A sweet simple and elegant wedding cake to match the waterside venue and laidback atmosphere. The lilac and lace detail on the top and 3rd layers matched the detail used in the decorations. Up until I deliver the cake, I can only visualise how the flowers will look based on what has been ordered. When I have the pleasure of placing it on and seeing the finished product, I always have an "ahh... now it's complete" moment!