Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's all in the flo-wrist

I love collaborative efforts and this was a wedding cake collaboration with one of my favourite florists, Stef Smrk-Dansey of Chic Floral Design. I'm extra pleased I got to watch her in action, wiring, arranging, adjusting and placing the flowers onto the cake. Also love the twiggy twirls connecting both layers of the cake. Because the flowers included the deep rich red colour and lots of little extras were added - ie twigs and berries - we kept the cake a simple plain white with just some embellishments in white royal icing. Not I Do - We Do!

Mustang Tally

Another car bites the dust! I have learnt more about cars through cakeing than I ever imagined I would. Not just the make and model but the shape and curves of the body. So much so that, to blow my own trumpet a little, I saw a car under a sheet of tarp the other day and I could actually tell it was a Ford Mustang. Now that's paying attention to my subjects!

Wedded bliss treats

This wedding called for an elegant understated design in white and a light blush colour, in the form of delicate lace arond the base of each layer. The angular lines of the square shapes were offset by the soft large open magnolia on top, made out of fondant.
Bonbonierre for the guests were mini cupcakes in seven different designs individually packaged in white pail boxes tied with a pink gauze ribbon and thank-you tag.

Unlucky ducky

This cake requires a bit of explanation! The recipient was a chef who owns a Chinese restaurant. No confusion over what he serves... yes you are right, roast duck! Oh and he also has a wife, daughter and adorable lil pup. OK so maybe that was pretty straightforward... but one of the more unusual and realistic cakes I've made to date!

Red black and white is alright on the night

Couldn't make the birthday party for a dear friend so I sent a cake in my place. I think here the colours maketh the cake. I had to choose carefully, the cake was for a girl AND a guy, and I wasn't sure what the party setting was going to be like. All I knew was that there would be dancing, and lots of it... so I opted for something loud with a bit of glam.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pucker up!

What better way to show the birthday girl some love than with a larger than life ruby red pucker! This cake pretty much says it all!