Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Safety pins and baby bottles

Cupcakes for a baby shower, with miniature bottles and safety pins to boot. Who could resist...!

Earned its pretty stripes

Here we have a couple who had so much fun with their wedding invitations, they extended the idea to their cake too! I took great delight in helping them transform the invititations into a cake. (The invitation is actually purple where it looks brown).

You will notice - no flowers on the cake! Happens less often than more. That means the details on the cake needed to make enough of a statement on their own. We decided to let the stripes be the main feature and tone down the rest of the cake, only adding the ribbon to top it off. As the stripes were to take centre stage (and we also needed to feed more people than a 9", 11", 13" cake would cover), we made the middle layer twice as high as the rest, which made it super heavy (!) but also allowed more surface area to play up the very pretty lolly-coloured stripes.

Exquisitely fresh and floral

A wedding cake for an extremely lovely couple. Prior to the wedding I find it inspiring to meet the couple in person and sit down to discuss the ideas and dreams they have for their big day. Small details that might be seemingly unrelated to the making of a cake all add to my process, in this case even their lovely home and warm hospitality.

I love the fresh floral look of this cake. Royal icing piping on the sides added to the texture and provided a little contrast with the ivory coloured fondant. The piping design was based on the embossing on their wedding invitations (though it is hard to see clearly from this photo).

Flowers were provided by Stef of Chic Floral Design http://www.chicfloraldesign.com.au/. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a wedding florist. Not only do you get the beautiful flowers you envision, you also get exceptional service and the benefit of her creative floral concepts for your big day. Always great to work with you Stef!

Santa crashes Christmas for Altrex

Have I mentioned how much I love working with corporate logos? I think what I like about is letting the owners of the company see their logo in a way they've never seen it before - and edible too!

Altrex wanted a Christmas theme, so I took the liberty of adding Christmas embellishments all over, including a lil Santa Claus caught in the sidelines.

Cake under construction

I'm flabbergasted that a whole month and a bit has passed since my last update (as one friend kindly pointed out to me, thank you for bringing that to my attention!). Where does a whole month go? To cakes obviously, but this shows me I must learn to stick my head out of the cake-cloud more often!

This cake was commissioned by one of my very regular customers, and from the start I could see how much fun it was going to be. It was for a little boy named Braith on his Naming Day. Not hard to guess he must have a keen interest in construction, as little boys do!

We wanted a little mud pile - but how to make it look like mud but not TOO much like mud - organised mud? That was my biggest challenge. It's still got to look appetising! Loved creating the little men - they are doing various things among them splashing each other with the mud (fun fun hehe).

More to come to make up for the long period of absence...