Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Earned its pretty stripes

Here we have a couple who had so much fun with their wedding invitations, they extended the idea to their cake too! I took great delight in helping them transform the invititations into a cake. (The invitation is actually purple where it looks brown).

You will notice - no flowers on the cake! Happens less often than more. That means the details on the cake needed to make enough of a statement on their own. We decided to let the stripes be the main feature and tone down the rest of the cake, only adding the ribbon to top it off. As the stripes were to take centre stage (and we also needed to feed more people than a 9", 11", 13" cake would cover), we made the middle layer twice as high as the rest, which made it super heavy (!) but also allowed more surface area to play up the very pretty lolly-coloured stripes.


  1. Seriously cake lady, words just can't describe your cakes, so I will just MEOW in amazement :)