Monday, October 31, 2011

Telltale design

As mentioned in my previous post, the theme of a cake can be a testament to one's personality - or what someone thinks of one's personality. This was a love job for a close friend of mine and this is what I thought of her... a shopping queen! The shoe, the handbag, the shopping bag, the feathers, the pearls, the bling, all very her. I must admit, this would be very similar to a cake I would make for myself. No wonder we're friends!

Personality festivity

You can gain great insight into people's personalities through their cakes... the theme of any cake can be one way of answering the question: what is your one possession that defines you at this point in your life? The usual suspects are a car (for guys), a designer handbag (for girls), an iPhone (for the tech-savvy), a cartoon character/soft toy (for kids), or a football or football jersey (for the sports fanatics). For this discerning lil boy it's his Sony Vaio. For such a serious and grown-up toy, we wanted to jazz it up with a little festivity, so we added balloons, presents, party hats and a colourful cake base.