Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spongebob with spare parts

Spongebob makes another appearance! This time he's accompanied by matching Spongebob body parts cupcakes. Hmmm in hindsight I realise that is slightly morbid... wonder if the kids were affected by this, hehe.

Girls of a feather

This cake was for a friend's burlesque-themed birthday celebration. And I was only too excited about creating a feathers and lace-themed cake!! Of all the types of cakes I do, these are the ones that really tickle my fancy (remember those kinky cupcakes awhile back? loved doin those!). I only wish I had more time to put more into this one, but, from memory, that weekend was just crazy with cake orders. There weren't many of us eating the cake (although we didn't even end up eating it in the end!) but I wanted something grand-looking so I decided on a miniature 3 layer design, which also gave me 3 separate spaces for decorating. This one was about 7 inches tall, minus the feathers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scene a haunted cake

This is probably the most complete scene I've re-created... Shaggy rushing Scooby out of a haunted castle, breaking the door down in their haste, the monster still on the warpath to get them. It is also the trickiest figurines I've done, having to figure out how to suspend Scooby from Shaggy's arms without them both toppling either way. It's a real confidence boost to have done this cake and fun to cast my mind back 15 years or so (wow it's been THAT long).
This cake was for a lil girl's 3rd birthday. Just imagine what her 21st cake will be like. I only hope I'm there to see it, if not cake it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

RSPCA cupcakes, do your stuff!

First batch of RSPCA cupcakes headin out the door tomorrow morning... three cheers! (And me heading to bed now.)
On the left are four batches of choc chip and choc mint... More to come. Up and at 'em again tomorrow... to bake cupcake no. 430. Night!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes

It's been awhile since I've blogged the cupcakes... here they are...
Didn't realise how many have been through my kitchen but next week, there are lots more to come... 642 to be exact, for the RSPCA Cupcake Day. Still taking orders but very happy to say that we've raised more than $1200. I love that you love cake and animals!!! Your support has been overwhelming. Thank you thank you thank you :0)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So long, share well

Having 60 blank mini canvasses to work with instead of one big one is a nice change! I welcomed the opportunity, especially since not many people order such a large quantity of cupcakes. Definitely makes it easier to split up amongst guests!
Lots of different things to think about such as what colours to use, how many is too many, how to coordinate wording with pictures, how to convey the feeling of the occasion - in this case sending someone off, etc. The Aussie symbols are obvious, a reminder of their time here. The stick figures represented the friends farewelling.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Simply engaging

Simplicity can be really effective especially if it ties in well with the overall theme of the occasion. This couple's engagement party was themed lilac and white/silver. We decided to go with something elegant and simple that still said love, keeping in mind less would be more. And instead of full-sized shooters which would have been too loud and playful for this design, I used mini shooters to provide a focal point to the cake, purposefully placed at the start of the wording. Lovin that lilac!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rev your cakes!

This is the follow-up to the baby booties cake I did last year. That lil boy is now 2 and likes things like CARS. Gee they grow up fast! I was especially pleased when he recognised this cake as a car, although it was mainly the adults who savoured the cake inside. He was too preoccupied playing with his fork... hehe. Maybe next year he'll have some. Wonder what his interests will be then... girls?

This reminded me of an awesome life-sized car cake I came across, created for a Skoda ad (see pic below, courtesy of Amazing. Apparently they actually created the Skoda car cake at that size. The process they went through in the ad ( is true to cake form, even down to icing the badge onto the front, lol! Just on a very giant scale. It even has an (edible) engine inside. Very entertaining.