Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Training a cake

I had the best intentions of blogging while on holiday but it just didn't work out. Will make up for it double time now that I'm back!
However, I did cake, for a friend's wedding - taking my lil venture to a whole new level doing it overseas! Will post the pix soon. The best part was that I was able to collaborate with my cousin who also bakes and decorates cakes. Lots of fresh new perspectives and ideas. Hope to share it all with you soon... I'm excited :0)

Meanwhile this is a Railcorp train as you can see (I hope!), created for someone who got a job there. Obviously when something as huge as a train is converted into a tiny cake, a lot of details will be lost but I tried to keep as much of it true to the original as possible, especially the dimensions of the doors and windows and angles on the front. Luckily I had numerous pictures to consult with for this challenge!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Protective cake gear

Lots of time to ponder as I was cutting this helmet into shape. First thing that entered my mind was... this is like carving a human head. Which then reminded me of an email a friend kindly shared with me (the friend with the 'gold licence') titled World's Worst Cakes or something - lots of gruesome stuff I couldn't share here because of copyright.. or erm, I just don't want to *gag*.
Another thing that crossed my mind was that this might actually set me up well for a few other jobs:
jack-o-lantern carver
pooch groomer
Anyway, back to the head - er, cake - at hand, lots of anticipation for this job as it was ordered months in advance. Twas really fun to see how I could turn a helmet into a cake, life-sized. Hope I made a good enough resemblence!
A blog reader asked about muscle cars awhile back. Will a muscle motorbike helmet do?