Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Everyone's a winner!

How would you like to hit the $59 million jackpot on your 59th birthday? OK next best thing - how would you like a cake that makes you think you hit the $59 million jackpot on your 59th birthday? At least this prize is edible! ;)

Wedding in Wonderland

One of the most creative florists/wedding decorators I know, Alison of Visually Creative, got married in an exquisite Alice in Wonderland setting. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the process of designing edible goodies to fit the theme. The mini cakes were an easy inclusion - designed to resemble the "Eat Me Cakes". Too fun! Lots of lush greens and vibrantly coloured flowers were used around the reception venue - some of the flowers ended up crowning the double layer cake, which also featured gold birds and twig patterns.

Ultimate Fondant Cake

Is there any guy who hasn't watched/tried/been injured through some sort of participation in this brand of sport? It was only a matter of time before I had to cake it! Twin brothers celebrated a UFC-themed birthday on this occasion... wonder who won the fondant fight!

Two wings and a prayer

A little girl called Naredyn was baptised and this cake was designed by her mum just for her. Lots of special little touches were added with deliberate meaning... a little bub sleeping on feathered wings, a prayer to go with it, and elegant building blocks to add a child's touch. It was my honour to bring this design to life. Beautiful cake for a beautiful family!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seahorsing around

This was a favourite toy of the birthday girl, so her parents had it caked for her first birthday. Always good to be able to hold and observe the subject in my hands. However, I wasn't allowed to take it home with me (apparently you can't take kids' favourite toys from them...!) so I took pictures from various angles instead. You might not be able to tell coz the tail is inside the 'present', but it's actually a seahorse. I was told that cutting into its head was a little traumatic... hope the birthday girl wasn't looking!