Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage and a new black

A wedding cake for my very own sister... the cake appointment of the year for me. I got first-hand insight into the process of selecting a wedding cake. 1) Collect approximately 50 pictures of cakes you like 2) Narrow this down to 10 or so 3) Consider the wedding dress, venue, invitations, table decorations, colour scheme and bonbonierre 4) Decide what you like and what you don't about each of the 10 cakes 5) Have model cakes created to help visualise, incorporating the other elements of the wedding 6) Select wedding cake! I would have expected nothing less :)
The order of the day - delicate to suit her dress, vintage to match the castle-like venue, relatively simple, no bling, no fuss, not too loud, and unique in structure - no tiered looks here, but a two layer cake with the bottom layer double height. I must note that this is the first time I've considered using black faux flowers for the cake, and also the first time it was perfectly appropriate.

Around the world in 60 slices

No cute cartoon characters on the cake for this kid, he's more interested in the world around him! This half-globe shows the land down under in a prominent position, and approximately half the world on the rest of the cake, in roughly the same shape and position as in reality. I did say roughly - getting it perfect would be quite an accomplishment! Hope he doesn't think that if he sails too far south past Australia, he'll fall off the cake board.....

Strumming a cake

My second guitar but my first that's intact. Quite a few posts ago I uploaded a guitar that was 'smashed to bits' by an 'angry rocker'. This one is pre-angry rocker! Very important to get the shape just right. Not that it won't look like a guitar if it's slightly out, the strings and 'neck' are hard to miss, but the specific brand and model of guitar seems to be very important to those you would make a guitar cake for.