Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding night sight

One of the least traditional wedding cakes I've had the pleasure of cakeing. Even more risque than the cupcake tower a few posts ago, this one actually had the wedding couple *ahem* asleep in their bed... and with undergarments strewn all over the three layers of cake no less! The offset layers of cake also added to the quirky theme. Lucky the lights were on during the wedding but who knows what the little figurines got up to once the night was over!
PS. That is a garter at the foot of the bed.

Farmyard banter

This is before Porky Pig, Shaun the Sheep and Cow and Chicken became famous... they were just farmyard animals enjoying the greenery and having farmyard conversations! What a simpler life they led without the trappings of fame, and Porky was still walking on all fours!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speeding fine

I'm not sure if the birthday boy owns a Ferrari, but this sure is the closest I'll ever get to one! Gentlemen, start your appetites... this cake weighed about 8kg upon completion!

A stroll down memory lane

I've made a few larger pram cakes so it was fun to make a mini pram this time, suspended on shaped wire. The advantage of having a fondant topper is that it can keep forever as a memory of the special occasion it was made for. Note to those preserving toppers/figurines - they keep best at room temperature. Please don't fridge them! :)