Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Read me right

Following on from the post before, this is the reader herself! Casually perched reading one of her four favourite titles, in her living room made of cake. At bottom left there is a fireplace... coz you always need a cosy fireplace for a good bout of reading!

Book smarts

For a book lover passionate about her reading. As she has four favourite books, we had to have each one as cake!

Friday, March 25, 2011

All sliced up

It was a privilege to provide a cake for Joanne my sometime extra-pair-of-cake-hands. I decided that one cake design wasn't enough for her, so I settled on six in one - each slice a different look. I think we only ended up eating two 'slices' that night. Sometimes I get carried away with cake! The figurine is exactly as she is all dolled up - sleek in (usually) black and full of sass!

It's a dog eat dog world

Here is a friend's adorable French bulldog Poggi immortalised in cake. Where do I start! Once again I love the challenge of something life-sized, realistic and detailed. The shape of the head was not as tricky to carve as I'd anticipated, but the weight of the head required a bit of engineering effort to support. Cake Poggi is sitting on a styrofoam base because extra dowels were needed to anchor it upright. He was threatening to lick the countertop :p Dusting with edible chalks was the fun part... Once the cake began to look disturbingly real, I knew I'd achieved the look I wanted! The most satisfying part... when my friend thought she'd brought the real Poggi in the car with her when she looked over at the cake - forgetting for a second that she'd just picked up cake Poggi.

Hollywood take two

Another take on the Hollywood theme. The usual suspects are there - dazzling stars, red carpet, film roll, but this time a giant bucket of popcorn takes centre stage. Litle bit of oversized nostalgia to set the mood :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roll out the red carpet

I always love Hollywood-themed cakes, there's always a bit of glitz and glam, a real sense of celebrating the birthday boy/girl. The trademarks are almost always there - the gold star, the red carpet, the shooting stars, sometimes the film roll too. This birthday girl was going all out, dressing up as Minnie for her 21st do. Hence the Minnie figurine lounging atop the cake. As much as I love Disney characters, they are always the trickiest to create as they have such exact dimensions. One little millimetre off and they run the risk of looking like some other generic character. I was quite happy with the way this Minnie worked out, just need to be more prepared for her large oversized head in future Minnie projects (though that IS what makes her so adorable)! Egg-less chocolate cupcakes accompanied this order for some egg-averse guests.