Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Horsing around in a Ferrari

It's extremely flattering to me when someone picks one of my designs and puts their own spin on it (pun intended). I love that they can see the potential to modify it to make it personally theirs. This one was given a touch of class with a Ferrari theme. The car may be too little to see but it was modelled on the birthday boy's fav Ferrari. I added the badges on the side to drive the theme home (another pun intended, heh heh).

All dolled up

I almost felt like I was 8 years old again dressing up my Barbies, except this time it's with cake and fondant. And I get to 'tailor' the outfit. So much fun deciding on dress design and working with a princess theme. We wanted to do more with her hair but it was too heavy. If I had my way I would have pouffed, pinned and sprayed. By the look on her face I think she looks mighty pleased with the outcome anyway!

By invitation only

A lil centrepiece for a bridal shower, this was based on the wedding invitation, to a tee. A different sort of task for the designing part - rather than designing from scratch, transforming a 2D graphic into a 3D cake. We kept it relatively simple using the main image for the top and continuing with the stripe border theme down the sides. But when someone's not expecting to see an edible version of their custom-designed invite, it makes quite an impact!

Guess the bag

Anyone who knows me knows this is a project that is so suited to me. The challenge of making it as realistic as possible, the little details that are so necessary to the overall look - and oh yes, it IS a handbag!
I thought the trickiest part would be all those perfectly round Gs but that went more smoothly than expected (hurray). The little details - buttons, rings, stitching, straps - the very things that make it look realistic or not, were the most time-consuming, but well worth the time spent I think.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It figures to make it personal

A really sweet and elegant cake that lets the toppers make the statement. It was only fitting then that the figurines were highly personalised, right down to the last hair spike. This wedding was held at the gorgeous Gunners Barracks with exquisite decorations that took your breath away, nevermind the view!

Hush lil babycake

Every lil bubba deserves their own pram. Here baby Zane is sleeping soundly in his custom-designed purple pram, based on the napkin above left. Cue lullaby...
(Btw the original title of this post was 'Pram slam'... tennis season... but thought that sounded a bit un-baby-friendly).

Suits the cake

Here's another idea for a birthday cake - design it in the theme of their present. However make sure you let them open their present BEFORE they see the cake!
Matching cookies in classic butter flavour lets them munch on their birthday goodies all through the week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sparkling hens

You might be able to guess I relished this job. Inside were a mixed bag of chocolate, vanilla and caramel. On the outside I played around with a sparkle girly theme with pink (of course) and purple in various shades which in my opinion is better than using 4 different colours altogether. The orderer for this usually gives me a good allowance for creativity and she also happens to be my most vocal BDM! I guess you could say she's a great mait!

Flowers picked for a lady

Another cake for a lovely lady, this one was done when I'd just come back from hols, so taking into account my jetlagged frame of mind, I picked this one partly because it wasn't too difficult. I actually got the inspiration for this sometime during my holiday... a little change in scenery is good fodder for the mind!

Bingo we got a design!

We needed a quick relatively easy design as this cake was ordered with little time to spare (think I was going on hols or something). The Bingo theme was too inviting, I wanted to make it a bit fun but also a cake fit for a lady. Polka dots always work!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas cheers

Hi everyone,

I would just like to say a heartfelt thanks for your support over Christmas. From the Christmas cakes sold, $60 has been donated to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal to help them continue their important work.

Thank you!

Christmas cheers

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kevin Levin - pimp my cake!

Another lesson in lil kids toys - this is Kevin Levin's car (all along I thought it was his friend Ben 10's, tsk tsk). The turning point when cakeing cars is getting the cake carved into shape. Then it's pretty smooth sailing from there.
The second pic shows a collection of Ben/Kevin-related symbols on egg-free chocolate cupcakes (the car is egg-free chocolate too). I've got quite a few cars under my belt now and surprisingly they are some of the most enjoyable challenges to cake. I recently did two Lightning McQueens which came together really well... will upload soon.
It greatly helped with this one that I had a 3D model to work from (third pic). In future if you could all provide scale models, that would be much appreciated - thanks! :D

Honey I shrunk the cupcake toppers

I have a lot of fun shrinking things down to Tinkerbell size. And since pretty much anything can sit atop cupcakes, I chose a yumcha and a dessert theme for two gals who can't do without their dumplings and sweets. I must admit I had a ball making these. Too cute!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello, 2010!

And some cookies and mini cake/cupcake combos...