Sunday, May 30, 2010

Masterchef Asia

Quite an appropriate time to ride on the Masterchef brand... but this was actually done about 6 months ago. I was extremely excited by this idea, taking one element of the theme - the chef's hat - to be centre stage. Especially when you know instantly what it symbolises - food but not just food, DELICIOUS gourmet cuisine. It was also such a fun shape to make a cake out of and there was a LOT of cake inside.
One thing I remember clearly about this cake was that it was unexpectedly heavy. The height and proportion of the hat and its position off-centre on the cake board made it a quite difficult to carry. If you supported it from underneath in the middle, the whole thing would topple over - a caker's worst nightmare!
Oh and to clarify, the Asian detail on the figurine was specially requested. Her exact words were "yellow-skinned, nerdy with square glasses", lol. I have to admit I felt more than a little politically incorrect but since I'm Asian too I figured it's OK hehe.

Flying Miss Thirty

I love making a cake as personalised as possible... straightaway you can tell from this that the birthday girl was turning 30 and she is a seasoned world traveller. Well I HOPE you can :) If you could see all the flags on the '3', you'd know exactly which countries she's been to. She was in our part of the world for only a week or so and happened to turn 30 here so I grabbed the chance to cake her birthday special.
The earth is loosely based on our earth's actual map but I have to admit is somewhat not to scale... when I'd finished it I realised I managed to fit ALL the countries on.. er.. a half globe lol. On the bright side, it was easier than I'd envisioned and even carving the dome-shape wasn't too hard... helps alot if you have a turntable - thank you Diane!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giant rings or tiny cake?

And this is the wedding cake that followed the lingerie party. Clean elegant lines with elements of silver and a hint of colour softened with the natural curves of the oriental lilies. I think this is a good example of how a bold oversized ornament can share the cake with flowers. The key is the flowers being understated (ie same colour as the cake) and having just a few (in this case two big ones) rather than lots of little ones. Out of curiosity... can you see this cake as being really tiny, as it would be if the rings were life size? The cake would be about 3 inches tall. Maybe if you squint your eyes... hehe just a thought!

A way with lingerie

A lil cake to celebrate a lingerie party. You can just imagine how much fun I had with this. I've seen so many corset-style cakes but never had the chance to create one myself. The orderer also kindly let me have a free hand in the design - thank you! Remember my rule - anything mini is cute... well I now think anything mini with ruffles and polka dots is irresistible! As people are usually reluctant to cut the cake, for ease of pigging out, matching cupcakes were also on order. I picked out various features of the corset to be used as the decorations.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiffany & Cook

This is based on a popular cake design that I see a lot of cake shops have already done. I think it's such a great combination of the luxury Tiffany brand and domestic goddessness! I love it when brands are taken out of their context to make a statement. And this girl has definitely got the right idea... "I don't mind cooking for you but first things first... which gorgeous piece of Tiffany bling did you buy me today!"