Thursday, September 30, 2010

Honey I blew up the doll

There's a range of Kimmidoll accessories out right now which are just too cute to behold. They are all miniature sized collectible figurines. Usually when I cake something, I'm making it small. This time, I blew it up about 20 times its usual size. It was quite funny to see my Mum's reaction when she saw this cake when you're usually used to seeing them tiny, but not so funny when we chopped it up head first. :(

Kick it to me!

They asked for a life-size rugby ball... this turned out to be a little larger after it got the fondant treatment! A challenge first in covering the entire ball, even underneath, in fondant - a true 3D experience. Another challenge in making it stand. If footballers played with a ball this heavy, they'd never make it to either goal!

Have her dress and eat it too

Another princess cake, this time modelled on Cinderella. Which little girl didn't want to have her flashing pink-and-blue dress in the very last dancing scene! What a lucky girl, Cinderella didn't have to make a choice that could've taken her hours, but fondant is not that magical - yet. :)