Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One slice to share nice

I was given a 'slice' of cake for my birthday one year (by my cousin the pro cake decorator!) and I loved it... the look, the design, and the enormous size of my one slice of cake!! I decided to re-create it for a special gal who turned 25 last year. However with the number of friends she has, one slice is not enough! So the bottom layer is for her to share :)

Oh my mod!

I loved cakeing this! The Vespa was the must-have; we created a mod theme around it. I loved the simplicity and the statement it made. I've seen so many cool mod designs in fashion, stationery, furniture, etc, but never had to cake one so I relished the chance! It is the spot on the target (mod for 'icing on the cake'?) that the birthday boy got a nice surprise when he saw it!

Roses are red, cupcakes match too

An elegant affair for a 30th anniversary. This is the largest cake I've created to date. Every layer is double the height and supported by columns. As you might guess, this sort of cake needs to be assembled at the venue! Matching cupcakes made up the placecards.