Monday, March 15, 2010

Teletubbies makes four

And then there were four... Teletubbies that is! I love their little dome-shaped cubby house they live in. Complete with flowers on windowsills!

If I were to live in a green dome-shaped cubby house, it'd have flowers on windowsills too. And maybe a skylight and Foxtel antenna.

This cake was taken all the way to Canberra by four friends of mine which I hope wasn't too difficult as everything was secured to the cake in some way. That's why I love fondant! The only one that had to travel separately was the purple Teletubby... I doubt he would have been able to balance on that dome in a bumpy car ride for 3 hours. He had his own first class seat in a tissue-lined cake box:

I realise this might be slightly disturbing to some kids but I had to share... the Teletubbies body parts before they were 'put together':

Almost got it together but two are still missing their heads, hehe:

It's even more disturbing when it's figurines of real people. But don't worry, I'd definitely not share those ;)

Triple dose of Dora

Here's a popular girl and her favourite monkey friend:

With matching cupcakes:

Popular because here she is again:

And again!

Lightning strikes twice

Next up, Lightning McQueen! I was extremely happy with how these worked out. The key was definitely in the carving...

Then in making a car look friendly:

If you thought they were one and the same cake, you've made my day! They are of course meant to look identical as they're the exact same cake but for two different orders, both in the same week no less. When it rains it pours Lightning!

Here is a before shot to prove it... one completed McQueen and the other before his embellishments:

Honey to the Pooh

Shame on me, it's been awhile since I've blogged! I've amassed quite a few children's cakes in recent months, so I might just do a kids blitz tonight.
First up is Winnie the Pooh and his mate Tigger enjoying some honey:

And here they are with matching cupcakes:

Too fun!