Monday, March 15, 2010

Teletubbies makes four

And then there were four... Teletubbies that is! I love their little dome-shaped cubby house they live in. Complete with flowers on windowsills!

If I were to live in a green dome-shaped cubby house, it'd have flowers on windowsills too. And maybe a skylight and Foxtel antenna.

This cake was taken all the way to Canberra by four friends of mine which I hope wasn't too difficult as everything was secured to the cake in some way. That's why I love fondant! The only one that had to travel separately was the purple Teletubby... I doubt he would have been able to balance on that dome in a bumpy car ride for 3 hours. He had his own first class seat in a tissue-lined cake box:

I realise this might be slightly disturbing to some kids but I had to share... the Teletubbies body parts before they were 'put together':

Almost got it together but two are still missing their heads, hehe:

It's even more disturbing when it's figurines of real people. But don't worry, I'd definitely not share those ;)


  1. Your a talented you lady DA

  2. You're gruesome, Tim! hehe

    Thank you Anonymous... :)

  3. oh, these are TOO cute V!! absolutely LOVE them haha

  4. thanks V haha! u want a teletubby cake next bday?