Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Protective cake gear

Lots of time to ponder as I was cutting this helmet into shape. First thing that entered my mind was... this is like carving a human head. Which then reminded me of an email a friend kindly shared with me (the friend with the 'gold licence') titled World's Worst Cakes or something - lots of gruesome stuff I couldn't share here because of copyright.. or erm, I just don't want to *gag*.
Another thing that crossed my mind was that this might actually set me up well for a few other jobs:
jack-o-lantern carver
pooch groomer
Anyway, back to the head - er, cake - at hand, lots of anticipation for this job as it was ordered months in advance. Twas really fun to see how I could turn a helmet into a cake, life-sized. Hope I made a good enough resemblence!
A blog reader asked about muscle cars awhile back. Will a muscle motorbike helmet do?


  1. Hi Val, all the cakes are great. Maybe you can start taking step by step photos in view of having your own book one day soon :)

  2. Hey Girl i cant wait to cake with you soon!!!
    Step by step photos.. admittedly that is the last thing on my mind when I'm on a mission to finish a cake! Interesting...