Thursday, March 5, 2009

And the rest is history

Cakes have been around for as long as any of us can remember now. These days they are a staple item at any party or special occasion. Back in the olden days they graced the banquet tables but were more rare that they also signified wealth and luxury.
However, we take cakes for granted. Or maybe I do. But there was a time when cakes DIDN’T EXIST! *faint*
It is generally agreed that cakes first came into being when the ancient Egyptians developed the expertise to bake, but their cakes were more like bread than cake, distinguishable only by a few different (finer and more expensive) ingredients.
I mentioned earlier the French were the ones who started creating all sorts of pretty and exquisite designs. In fact, Europe in general had a lot of influence in evolving cakes into what we know them to be today. Traditional has given way to all sorts of crazy inspired designs, some so disguised they don't even look like cakes anymore! Funny world we live in, but I can't complain, I would be without such a fantastic hobby if it wasn't so!

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