Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sushi on the chopping board

Here is that sushi cake I was talking about, my first 'food' cake. This was just too much fun! It was a birthday cake for a friend who celebrated over dinner at a Japanese restaurant - the Japanese says "Happy birthday! Melissa-san".

I hope you can recognise all the different sushi, I think the birthday girl + friends did. When I went searching for inspiration, I found loads of sushi cakes on Google so I had no shortage of ideas... seems to be a popular theme. Glad I have now made my contribution to the array of sushi cakes flying around cyberspace!


  1. VALERIE!!! fantastic job with your AMAZING LOOKING AND TASTING CAKES!!! and your blog is awesome and so inspiring too!! wishing you all the best, Hey I might need shoe cupcakes for my launch in August OK! keep some cake mix free for me!

  2. Hey Michelle,
    Just say the word... the magic word... SHOES!!! ;) Looking forward to it and ordering myself a few pairs too! And don't forget me if you need a test subject, I come with cupcakes. hehe. All the best to you too, Michelle! xo