Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey DJ won't you play that cake...

This was the first major order I got this year, way back in January, so it was long anticipated! To see it finally come to life was really rewarding, especially since it has been one of the most challenging orders to date. I love cakes which involve having to 'sculpt' something as realistically as possible.

I'm really happy with the way it worked out, there were many areas I had to improvise where I hadn't done anything similar before, eg cutting into the bottom of the turntables to place 'rubber stoppers' at the corners, making the turntable needles stay straight and half-suspended and using black ready-dyed fondant icing - totally recommended as another alternative to painting on the black (which I mentioned earlier). I would have never been able to achieve such a solid black dyeing it from white, although my palms stayed black for a good 3 days :0) Totally worth it.

Oh, and it was also fantastic to have been there for the birthday boy's big night! Great party!!


  1. What can I say Val!!! Amazing Amazing and Amazing, Your work blows us away and we are so happy to have you make the cake for Tangi's birthday, everything i described to you in terms of how I wanted it to look, met my expectation and more. When Tangi saw it he felt as if he just won a prize for the World's best DJ haha...thanks to you. Thank you for coming to the birthday party. To those reading my comment, highly recommend Val's work, you will not be disappointed.
    Love your work girl, much love The A Team

  2. Hey Mel,

    Thank you for your comment here!! I was proven wrong about the black colour, I know initially I thought that having the cake almost all black wouldn't look good but I stand corrected! I love your idea - you saw how this could work from the start!

    It was truly special to be there and to meet Tangi properly, he looked like he was totally enjoying every minute of his special night! Awesome party, you did such a great job planning it!

    Take care Mel, we'll catch up again soon!