Monday, April 6, 2009

Call of Cake Duty

I hear alot about some game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Never played it but had to cake it for a PS3 devotee. Hope he managed to take enough time out to taste his cake! I'm happy with the end result. The controller was the most fiddly part of this lil design. There is actually a slab of cake inside that too. For the longest time (it seemed anyway) it looked like a mangled mess of fondant icing. I was starting to question the usefulness of its weird shape but I guess Sony knew what it was doing... bet they never thought they'd be making one lil caker's life really hard! I did a lil dance when it actually started to look like a controller.

This cake took out the other half of my tub of black colouring but I've learnt the trick to it now - keep the coat light coz painting it on thick actually causes it to streak more and show white patches. Would've thought it was the other way around! There you go, cake and learn.


  1. you put in so much detail that id hate to eat it

  2. I heard they couldn't cut it on the day, but hopefully they will soon! ;)