Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby pink

Maybe I should specialise in baby cakes... I was let loose on this one with only the requirement to feed 30 people with a pink baby shower cake - and I was more than happy to run with it!

I thought a lil double layer would be cuter than a large single layer, and the step effect creates more decoration opportunities. I love bows, they always add such a lovely soft touch when draped down the cake. Saw this lil sleeping baby somewhere and had to add her in, she was too cute! Note her lil pacifier :oO

Oh and inside is my first ever egg- and nut-free chocolate cake (coz of allergies). After searching around and consulting my trusty cake expert, I found a good Betty Crocker recipe online that suited this request... must write to thank 'her' one day!


  1. So this was the result allergy free cake. It's so great how it doesn't matter the challenge (nut and egg are some pretty common ingredients in cake!) you can still create such masterpieces! This one really is too cute for words. Your workmanship is becoming more and more flawless cake by cake! :)

  2. Oh it's sooo adorable.... I really like this one. So sweet.

  3. For me, this one literally takes the cake.

  4. Kat - just shows that fondant can cover up anything! ;)

    Thanks Girl!

    Anonymous, I know which Lim you are now!