Sunday, April 12, 2009

Burning a cake trail

This was for a guy and the only two things I knew about him were that he liked computers and cars. I much rather make a car than a laptop any day!
I thought, for guys who like cars, they'd likely go for the sleek sporty variety that can do 'special tricks'. Not that I encourage dangerous burnouts and donuts on the road, but on a cake, I think they're ok!


  1. Thanks for the fantastic cake.. it was soo delicious


  2. Hahahaha! I was looking forward to seeing the laptop cake :) He asked why there were burnouts on the road.. "Is it because I'm a bad driver?" LOL

    Thanks again for the cake.

  3. Hey Mai my pleasure!
    Laptop cake... maybe next year Jocelyn! And lucky I don't personally know Vinh so I can safely say it's not about his driving... though I did wonder whether it might have sent him that message.. hehe.