Friday, May 8, 2009

Cakeing in a different dimension

When my friend requested a sci-fi Matrix cake, I had no idea what I was in for (I could only think black jackets and Keanu Reeves), but it turned out to be a great learning cake for me! Definitely not a typical request. He wanted scrolling green Japanese characters on a black screen (guess you Matrix fans know what I'm talking about), which I replicated using the scratching method with green icing underneath. I was a little nervous about how effective it would be and how I would keep my lines straight but it became easier as I got into it. Tip: start on the back so once you get to the top of the cake, you've already had good practice! There are also tiny Japanese characters on the big 3 and 0. Another cake idea completely out of left field, I love the crazy ideas you guys throw at me. There's nothing I won't cake (yet)!


  1. this looks awesome! can u explain how you did it exactly? is that marzipan?

  2. Thank you! It's green actually fondant, which is similar to marzipan. I painted a few coats of black Wilton fondant dye over it and scratched out the lines to reveal the green underneath :)