Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conversing in cake

You learn a new thing everyday. With this cake, I learnt that this Converse sneaker is called a 'Chuck'! I also learnt you can't call it a shoe until it's got laces.
This was my first ever shoe and it was fun to see it come together. Once I crossed the hurdle of carving the cake into shape, it was pretty smooth sailing. The most satisfying part, needless to say, was putting the laces on. I like the laces undone (as was requested), I think it gives it a lil street cred, hehe.
The party was for 80 so we had to figure out a way to feed all those people with this sneaker cake. The birthday girl decided on a giant shoebox to match the giant shoe (both about 11 inches in length). We ended up with an extremely heavy cake which we both struggled a bit to carry! I'm pretty sure it would have left no one hungry. I just hope none got Chuck-ed out! (get it)