Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding with a Moroccan twist

While I’ve still got weddings on my mind, this was my very first wedding cake and such a captivating Moroccan theme to work with. The setting was bright splashes of colour against a backdrop of nature which was just so calming and serene. It was my absolute honour to contribute the cake and also be there for their special day. The bride knew exactly what design she wanted - I love the deep red roses and green leaves against the pure white fondant. Flowers are such a good way to add a different texture to the cake, just like the wedding cake I posted earlier this week, whether they be faux flowers or real (as opposed to fondant).

I have to admit I had my entire family in a production line helping out with the pearl-making here, all individually hand-rolled and painted. Love the subtle shine the ribbons add to the edge of each layer, I think it sealed each layer off well.

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