Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gather the masses

There’s something about cakes that brings people together. Apart from having to physically be in the same room to share in it, it provides a focal point to an event, adding a certain special touch - perhaps some validation of the specialness of the occasion, if nothing more.

Being able to give a cake to someone, especially one that you’ve put your time, effort and imagination into, was a joy that I never realised the volume of before taking up this hobby. That, I think, was the high that kept me coming back for more (or maybe I'm just addicted to cake? hehe). I believe it’s a way of showing affection, designating someone as special, letting them know it's their day… and that’s what I love about it.

Being invited to contribute a cake to someone's big day is something else altogether, be it a birthday, engagement, wedding, or even an engagement-turned-wedding! That brings with it an immense feeling of privilege and honour, and is always always rewarding.

I encourage anyone to give it a go if you’re even half thinking about it. No time cake decorating is time wasted!

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