Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dora on a cake!

Don't know if I accidentally took some happy pills but decorating a bright pink cake for a gorgeous little girl was a lot of fun. Pink never fails!
My first time having a character to work with (which, come to think of it, could have been me as a kid with that short black bob and lil round face) and it was a challenge to make her resemble the real character. I always welcome new cake challenges and this one was particularly satisfying when it turned out like I'd hoped!

Tip: much easier to paint the black hair on than try to knead black dye into fondant.

When she saw the cake, I heard it made the birthday girl stop crying... can't beat that for perks of the job!

(PS. Sorry about the grainy-ness of the picture. Someone played with my camera at the wedding and I don't know what setting has been changed. Hey, lucky I didn't try to start Love and Camera.)

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