Monday, February 22, 2010

Saw this and couldn't resist

I'll give anything a go. Even power tools I haven't heard of and even at short notice (I was glad I could fit this in with just 2-3 days to play with). When the customer mentioned jigsaw, the only jigsaw that came to mind was the type that kids play with that make up a nice picture. Lots of Google pix from different angles did the trick (what did people do before Google?! Btw Google over Bing any day). Just like cars, the main challenge with this was to get the shape right. Then little details added realisticness, even if I didn't know what all those little details represent in real life. I'm sure they start it or turn it up a notch or make it go bbzzzzzz or something. This one tho, is just good to eat!

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