Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Birds

When I get the chance, I always suggest some element of continuity that ties different aspects of a wedding or function together. With this one, I was asked to incorporate what I could of the invitation into the cake. The lace embroidery around the base of each layer (a bit hard to see here) is derived from the lace print on the invite and the pair of lovebirds is an exact replica. I think it gives such a lovely personal touch - it's the little things that make an occasion unique and memorable.
The figurines were customised for the couple's features and the Ducati is a dream toy of the groom (you may remember a Ducati cake awhile back... same guy!). Little trailing tin cans give it the wedding touch. Of course it all starts with a bride who is willing to be a bit adventurous with the design - thanks Michele!

The invitations were created by Katrina Lee, the 'Love And Papery' part of Love And, and gorgeous flowers were arranged by Stef Smrk-Dansey of Chic Floral Designs. Great to work with a team of gals who produce brilliant work and are so easy to work with, they made my life so much funner and the ease with which everything came together also created a positive flow-on effect for the bride!

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