Thursday, November 19, 2009

High on peepy-toes

You can tell what sort of girl this cake was made for... a girl with great taste and impeccable style for sure! The shoe was modelled on the birthday girl's actual Peeptoe shoe. I was especially nervous drawing in the Peeptoe logo - one chance is all I get. But it was surprisingly easier than I expected. Luckily no sudden sneezes or an unfortunately timed 'boo!' or I'd have to start all over again... right from baking the cake!
Wonder if this girl saw the chinelas cake... might be an idea for her high-heeled nights out...


  1. your cakes are so amazing... (dreaming of peep toes)... that is so in style right now - those strappy shoes.

  2. Cakes and shoes, what more could we dream of! ;)