Monday, November 9, 2009

Crane cake stance

I hope you recognise this throw-back to the Karate Kid movies! I was especially tickled by this request for the birthday black-belter who can obviously use the crane kick stance to his advantage. And thinking of his reaction made it even funnier. An especially tricky figurine to do but it kept me laughing all the way. I wore an extra bright grin when I could finally see some resemblance. Two white slightly bent legs without any body, arms or head takes a lot of imagination to shape! Oh and I didn't mean to give him such a flat-top, though that's how it came out (hehe).


  1. hi valerie, it also reminds me of a japanese wrestler named yokozuna..what a funny thing? online forum

  2. Is it because of the flat-top? LOL! The birthday boy is definitely not Japanese but he'll be tickled to know this! :)