Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spongebob Squarecake

While decorating this lil guy, I had lots of time to ponder how a yellow sponge, clothed in a rather formal-looking outfit, with gangly limbs and buck teeth, could have such a dynamic personality that has made him so popular. I hear he is a big hit and I even have another Spongebob order coming up again soon! Rationalising aside, I guess he is rather cute… in a non-threatening dopey best friend kind of way.
When creating his face, I knew I had to get every feature in correct proportion or he wouldn’t look like the real Spongebob. I knew I’d ‘made it’ when I took a photo of this cake, and my camera actually found his face in the frame!! LOL!!
On the technical side, I was slightly worried about Spongebob being able to stay upright, especially in transit. I’m very proud of him though, he made it through a very bumpy bus ride to the city and did not budge an inch the whole time. He even sat in his own seat. Seems like a very reliable best friend!