Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mini gift bags

Miniature is always cute! These hardly took any time to do... or maybe I was just having too much fun. They'd probably only feed about 4-6 depending on whether you eat like a bird or you eat like... me. However, a cute alternative to a birthday gift, especially if you have long-time friends you've been giving gifts to for years and might be running out of ideas.


  1. YAY thanks for the cake for my shoe launch party Val!! did you take any pics of my Chinelas cake?? the pics are on facebook if you want to grab them! it is sooo yummy!

  2. hey Mich!
    Yes i definitely took pix of ur cake! will post it up here soon! loving my actual chinelas too! :0) will link to your website so ppl can see what im raving on about...