Monday, June 29, 2009

Cake the most of now

My friend who ordered these warned me – the subject is cupcakes for accountants, but it's boring and I don’t know what you can do! I think that was the moment I was switched on to the challenge, completely convinced we could make something funky out of it.
I googled “accounting cupcakes” and not surprisingly, nothing relevant came up. So we chose a calculator theme because apparently accountants have a calculator attached to one hand. We also played with their corporate name which was lots of fun. Wouldn’t mind if I had to do more corporate-related projects! There’s something appealing about making a logo worth millions of dollars into something small enough to eat.


  1. Great work Val especially the lil buttons... and wait till my workmates hear about us accountants having a calculator attached to one hand! LOL ;)

  2. hahaha! i was merely reiterating what i was told! :0)

  3. shhhhhh... i'm supposed to be standing up for my profession ;)

    oh, i just realised that "Cake the Most of Now" cute!

  4. Haha, I AM a loyal Vodafone customer!