Thursday, June 25, 2009

Popping out to the shops

The birthday girl who I did this cake for specified that if I was ever to make her into a figurine, I should give her noticeably ample boobs. I hope she was satisfied with this rack!
Not hard to guess that she is also a shopaholic - and close friend of mine, hehe.

This was my first attempt at a figurine and it went surprisingly well, no head or limbs falling off, thank goodness. The hardest part was making each section in isolation, eg visualising how the skirt/bottom part would look sitting on the edge of a box while I had no top to place on it yet. It definitely got easier as I went along.
Oh and there was also another first - the matching cupcakes actually had ice cream inside. Way too delicious to be modest about, sorry! ;)


  1. The cakes and cupcakes were almost to pretty to eat, thankfully we did! YUMMY :) The figurine is something that will be kept forever, thanks Val!!

  2. Thank you for eating, and having a birthday! We must do the ice cream thing again ;)

  3. awww, where was our invite? brett says "nice figurine xxxxx" lmao. icecream cupcakes! doh! can't believe i missed out!

  4. haha... i'll pass on the compliment to the birthday girl ;)