Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kevin Levin - pimp my cake!

Another lesson in lil kids toys - this is Kevin Levin's car (all along I thought it was his friend Ben 10's, tsk tsk). The turning point when cakeing cars is getting the cake carved into shape. Then it's pretty smooth sailing from there.
The second pic shows a collection of Ben/Kevin-related symbols on egg-free chocolate cupcakes (the car is egg-free chocolate too). I've got quite a few cars under my belt now and surprisingly they are some of the most enjoyable challenges to cake. I recently did two Lightning McQueens which came together really well... will upload soon.
It greatly helped with this one that I had a 3D model to work from (third pic). In future if you could all provide scale models, that would be much appreciated - thanks! :D

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