Friday, December 11, 2009

Love And Christmas

This week has been THE scariest cake week of my life - 2 wedding cakes, 5 birthday cakes, a couple of Christmas orders... *eek*! But it's all done and iced and all customers are happy as am I! Now on to the edible Christmas gifts for this year... everyone I know is goin to get fat. This is where the Christmas fun starts!! As you can probably guess I love Christmas and look forward to it with open arms, holding rolling pins and piping bags. Here are some I prepared earlier ;) Please have a peek at Love And Cake's Christmas catalogue.

Most importantly, there are so many who won't see a smile or a present this Christmas day and the real spirit of Christmas means doing what little (or a lot) we can to make their situation just a little bit better - sharing the love we have been blessed with. 10% of all proceeds from the Christmas cakes and cookies will go to the Salvation Army who DO do that - every day of the year. That's one small way Love and Christmas goes hand in hand!

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