Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mei the plate make the cake

My friend Mei, a devoted Manly Sea Eagles fan, requested this for her 29th birthday. The cake already says it all doesn't it! Hehe.
The choice of cake actually tells even more about her as a person... She's an attention-to-details perfectionist and presentation is of the utmost importance (you should see the chocolate bouquet she made me for my birthday!). Lots of careful thought went into this selection but it didn't take long for her to decide in favour of one of her great passions - the Sea Eagles. And since she can't proclaim it on her licence plate, I guess the next best thing is having it as a cake!


  1. Has haa.. It was the best Val!! I've got my license forever in my memories... and I don't have to the pay the RTA annual license fee for it!! Thanks for making my dream a reality!

  2. My pleasure Mei, we all enjoyed having a piece of your licence plate! I think it's forever in OUR memories too! :p